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Product Description

With decorative moldings and applied pyramided bossed through the primary wood being walnut with chestnut and deal on secondary woods. This is a fascinating cabinet and was clearly designed to contain valuables and important documents. There is one lock to the cabinet that allows the owners two open the upper position. It is only then that one can access hidden releases to lower the fall front revealing an arrangement at six drawers all with what are probably the original textile pulls, and a further release to access a sliding top board concealing a hidden compartment.

These cabinets are exceptionally rare and are traditionally dated to the 1670’s, and Victor Chinnery illustrated a number in Oak Furniture: The British Tradition. However, a box of very similar construction to our example and with a sliding top identical to this piece is in the collection of Melford Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk and is inlaid with the date 1570. It is entirely possible that our example was constructed in the third quarter of the 16th century.

English c. 1570-1670


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